Putin’s Gangster Regime: Stealing, Poisoning And More | Explaining Russia

If I had to summarize Putin’s regime in two words.. it would be: Gangster regime....

Top Ten World’s Living Dictators

There have always been nations in the world ruled by dictators. Certainly, many are no...

Political murders and Kremlin’s regime calling card

Another collusion story by Kremlin had shocked the world - one of the fiercest Putin’s...

“Pure manipulaton of people”

In the reality of COVID-19, more and more Russian journalists denounce disinformation. Now glasnost-era veteran...

The second most powerful man in Russia

There is no need to present Ramzan Kadyrov, his name is getting more popular every...

Recreational game “Once in Putin’s Russia”

Play a something better than Russian roulette.

Same-sex partnerships in Lithuania – it’s time for change

Current Lithuanian government has a very important question in its 2021 agenda - same-sex partnership or, in other words, civil union. The same-sex partnership remains one of the most discussed topics which often causes polarization of society. Unlike most EU countries, Lithuania still does not have a civil partnership law in its books. In 2017, a legislation was drafted...

Queen of “Dot Art” – Yayoi Kusama

The artist reached her first success at 1961, while drawing a picture that was so impressive in extent – about 10 meters in width and 3 meters in height.

Spectacular Body paint art in “World Body Painting” festival

Painters from all over the world comes and contest in many different categories such as painting with a sponge or a brush, face painting etc. Winners of each category are awarded with cash prizes.

Running Rivers “Long Winter” short art film

After 3 years of making "Long "Winter" project in Norway and Sweden with artist group called Running Rivers - creators of audio and visual projections, artist, bodypainters, musicians and cinemaphotographers led by Vilija Vitkute created an art film.