20 member states confirm the creation of an European Public Prosecutor’s Office

On 12 October, the regulation establishing the European Public Prosecutor's Office (EPPO) was adopted by those member states which are part of the EPPO enhanced cooperation. The EPPO will be in charge of investigating, prosecuting and bringing to justice the perpetrators of offences against the Union's financial interests. It will bring together European and national law-enforcement efforts to counter...



Queen of “Dot Art” – Yayoi Kusama

The artist reached her first success at 1961, while drawing a picture that was so impressive in extent – about 10 meters in width and 3 meters in height.

Spectacular Body paint art in “World Body Painting” festival

Painters from all over the world comes and contest in many different categories such as painting with a sponge or a brush, face painting etc. Winners of each category are awarded with cash prizes.

Running Rivers “Long Winter” short art film

After 3 years of making "Long "Winter" project in Norway and Sweden with artist group called Running Rivers - creators of audio and visual projections, artist, bodypainters, musicians and cinemaphotographers led by Vilija Vitkute created an art film.

Julija Goyd – the reflection of a world, full of sensitive and erotic impulses

After several years, I left my job and wandered into a new world of an advertisement and fashion design.

Naked bodies in Spencer Tunick’s photographs – different kind of art

It is quite common to depict and perceive naked body as an expression of erotica and sexuality in nowadays photography. Spencer Tunick, however, takes photographs of a mass of...

“Chorus”: spectacular experimental film of dance

Short film "Choros" received huge success in various film festivals.

Vilija Vitkutė and Adam Johansson: What do you run for?

“We took ourselves to emotional landscapes where the feeling of being there heals you, makes you feel at home. "


The Japanese artist Chu San creates exciting illusions on her models‘ bodies

The Japanese artist Chu San designs everything on the girls bodies: lightnings, animals, flowers, cosmic space imitations and even more. These crafted drawings turns her models into amazing walking exhibits. Tired of technology-based arts, the author decided to test her strength by doing her best to get as far as possible without using any technologies. "I can not say the exact...

“Snow White and Russian Red“ or why Angela vomits stones?

Typical apartment building of soviet times, bathroom decorated in gross green and white colored tiles. Black-haired girl leaned over a bathtub is throwing up stones. “Gentleman” standing next to...

Desert Flower – a story of a woman born under a lucky star

One morning little girl Waris was given to a gipsy. “I felt when my parts of a body, my sexual organs, were cut off. I heard a sound of...

The searches of life’s pleasures in Michel Houellebecq novel “Platforma”

Beginning of the novel is traditional - a small event, which gives start for further steps.

Love for Human: Yaroslav Melnyk’s “Masha, or the Fourth Reich”

Yaroslav Melnyk – writer, literary critic, philosopher, mostly known for his book “The Paris Diary” which became the bestseller in Lithuania and his novel “Remote space”. In  a futuristic...

Woven narratives in knots and crosses in Baricco’s Ocean Sea

Alessandro Baricco’s Ocean Sea, weaves more than just the tales of assorted characters in their stay at a remote seaside inn, but rather it weaves together the tales of...

The Year When I Read Enough Books

In 2013 I told the popular literacy-bragging portal Goodreads to ‘challenge’ me to read 52 books, one for every week of the year. When the Great Old Ones invented the internet,...

Noam Chomsky – Hegemony or Survival: America’s Quest for Global Dominance

After 9/11 which Slavoj Žižek called “arrival to the desert of reality” the world experienced a major turn in politics –  America legitimated all its invasive and military actions...

The Hawkeye Initiative: The Wake-Up Call of Subversion

The image to the left has two erroneous qualities.  The first and often more obvious one is that Batman is a property of DC Comics, while Emma Frost, the...

Superhero versus Reality: The Ultimate Battle (III)

While this series of articles regards flat scan would-be heroes in an at least quasi-realistic setting, Kick-Ass 2 in this context will be based on the comic.  This is...

Superhero versus Reality: The Ultimate Battle (I)

Mitchell Siegel was a sign painter.  His life was cut short by someone robbing his store – he died of a heart attack during.  His family was devastated, but...

Artist’s Intent vs. Audience Perception: Counter-Culture’s Devolution into Sub-Culture

Any work of art will, inevitably, place itself squarely on the great divide between the artist’s actual intents, influences and thoughts and what the audience perceives these to be...

Nora Roberts “Divine evil” – an intimidating and bloody story

What is mysterious and scary often strangely attracts. If you are secretly interested in stories which cause shiver and are drenched with blood - “Divine evil” is just for...

Chuck Palahniuk reveals what “Fight Club” sequel will be like

Writer Chuck Palahniuk’s work "Fight Club" seeks to get a different form of expression.

“Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas” – a journey not for everyone

Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas invites the reader to experiment with his consciousness and question everything that he knows and believes in.



Top 10



The band from Mongolia pIays hard rock with traditional instruments

If someone mentions Mongolia, you will probably picture angry soldiers on horses or beautiful far away lands but not...

Top 10 most interesting South Korean POP music artists

Many people believe that South Korean music began its popularity in 2012 when PSY released an entertaining “Gangnam Style” music video which people reviewed on Youtube over three billion times.

Sex, Drugs and Religion: ten pearls of wisdom by Marilyn Manson

Before the start of the singer's career Marilyn Manson worked as a music journalist, too.

10 Best Jack White Songs

Jack White, for many know as a former lead singer of a band „White Stripes“ is now called living legend of rock. He is not only a singer, but a songwriter, guitarist, drummer, actor and interpreter as well.