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The President of Georgia, George Margvelashvili declared 2015 the Year of Women at a press conference held in the presidential palace on 15 January.

“We have to condemn violence against women and girls and make tangible steps to eliminate domestic violence and violence against women,” he said, highlighting this initiative as a direct reaction to rise in domestic violence cases. Last year, 29 women were killed by their partners and husbands in Georgia.

Speaking at the event, UN Women Representative in Georgia, Erika Kvapilova commended the country’s political authorities for actively addressing policies and legislations concerning non-discrimination and gender equality.

Underlining the timeliness of this declaration, with the commemorations in 2015 of the Beijing Platform for Action’s 20th anniversary along with the 15th anniversary of the UN Security Council resolution 1325, both the President and Ms. Kvapilova celebrated the recognition of women’s progress. They stressed the importance of overcoming, through concrete steps, the stereotypical attitudes that have shaped families and societies in Georgia.

President Margvelashvili underlined the need to increase female political representation in public and political life, including through temporary special measures and quotas. He expressed his readiness to support and foster all initiatives promoting women’s rights in Georgia.

Ms. Kapilova reiterated the need to foster substantial equality in the workplace, improve planning and budgeting for the most vulnerable women, ultimately aiming to eradicate gender discrimination across all spheres.



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