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North Korea is isolated and maintains the minimum connection with the outside world since 1953. We don’t know a lot about this country.

It’s very easy to spread rumours all around the world because of the absence of easily accessible sources and the lack of information. Media often escalates news about North Korea’s dictator – Kim Jong-Un and the executions he orders. But are these globally spread rumours true?

Western media is always delighted with the sensational news

The internet and western press are full of various sensational articles related to the leader of North Korea Kim Jong-Un. Since it is really hard to review the sources and facts, almost nobody does this. And then it takes a turn, when the news of Kim brutally killing his own uncle Jang Song-taek by throwing his naked body into a ditch full of hundreds of hungry and homeless dogs, spread around the world. Or that Jong-Un poisoned his own aunt Kim Kyong Hu, because she argued about the death of the uncle. There were also some articles and reports in the media, that dictator shot one of his loyal generals out of the helicopter, just because he fell asleep during a show. Don’t forget the rumours about Hyom Song-wol, pop singer and the ex-lover of Kim, who he ordered to be assassinated. Scandalous news continued, when movie “The Interview” (mocking the leader of North Korea) came out in 2014 and it was possible that North Korea committed a cyber-attack against the “Sony pictures”.

Later on  the news weren‘t so popular and intriguing

When thinking more rationally, is the story about the uncle being brutally torn by dogs true, when the only source of information is a satirical article written by a Chinese blogger? Rumours about the poisoned aunt were also contradicted when she was seen in public. It wouldn’t make sense to poison the aunt if her husband was still alive. The news about the general Hyon Yongchol were contradicted too when later on the media announced that he is possibly alive and healthy. The media wasn’t so scandalous when his allegedly dead girlfriend showed in public after one year. It appears that North Korea was not responsible for the cyber-attack against “Sony pictures” either, as it was committed by the employees of the company, according to the independent analytics. Therefore, all of the news were contradicted.

It is hard to review the information and its sources

It‘s not a secret that North Korean culture is unconditionally controlled by the government, so this regime is even compared to the Stalin’s dictatorship. Oppressed citizens of North Korea have no access to the internet. Besides, they have a minimum or no connection at all with other countries. So should it be believed that the dictator ordered executions of high rank officers who criticised his political views? It’s hard to answer this question due to the lack of information and maybe only Kim Jong-Un and his closest people know the answer, of course if they were not executed yet.

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