still from a movie "Lovelace"

Linda Susana Boreman (Linda Lovelace) was born in New York in a working class family.

The non-exceptional girl who was educated in the catholic schools and due to her calm attitude and the avoidance of guys she got the nickname of “Miss Saint” and grew up in an unhappy environment, as she later called it. Her mother controlled everything, even the father, who was working at a police department. Linda, who in her life had experienced many traumatic events, only wanted to find her fortune and enjoy a peaceful life but her acquaintance with Chuck Traynor, her future husband, changed her life once and for all.

About the movie

The actress who played Linda Boreman (Lovelace) was the well-known Amanda Seyfried. The actress had perfectly conveyed the character of a miserable and controlled young woman.

The movie is intriguing right from the start, perhaps because it is based on a true story. The story about an ordinary girl who unwillingly became the queen of porn movies. But what is the price for that? It is clearly shown in the movie that it was violence and constraint. Getting married to Chuck Traynor was an attempt to save herself from an unhappy life in her parent’s home but it only sucked Linda into the business of prostitution and pornography. Chuck was yet another person who had controlled Linda’s every move.

Prostitution and porn movies had become Linda’s daily life, until she escaped from Chuck’s imprisonment and created a family with Larry Marchiano – a man who she had fallen in love with and had two children. According to herself, life had gotten a meaning, even though the nickname of “Lovelace” will shadow her for the rest of her life.

The plot is interesting, both good and bad things in Linda’s life are conveyed in an interesting way. It is shown in the movie that Linda is an exceptionally strong woman who got back up after everything that happened in her life. Nevertheless, even though the movie has a happy ending and in the favor of Linda, it would seem, the story itself has many variations.

This movie was the first pornographic movie in the USA at the time that you could watch in the cinema. As the creators and actors of the movie stated, it was the movie that had changed the view of sex – men hadn’t known up until then that women can experience orgasm and women had never really thought or spoken about it.

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still from a movie “Lovelace”

The main actors of the movie, Linda Lovelace and Harry Deems had become stars. The director Gerard Damiano had made a fortune, but everything started going down the drain. The president of that time, Richard Nixon, was actively fighting pornography of any kind, so Harry Deems was sentenced to 5 years to prison for a role in the movie. He was the first actor in the history of the USA to be sentenced for his role. However, he was lucky, because the president resigned and consequently, the charges have been dropped. Unfortunately, Harry Deems now unfolds, that after this movie he had casted a black mark on himself and lost interest of everyone and got into a maelstrom of drugs and alcohol.

After the divorce with Chuck Traynor and the movie, Linda Lovelace, who had shown her exceptional talent and made it big, became a completely different person – she attended movements against pornography, had written a book, in which she told the truth that shocked everybody – that everything she had done was lies and deception. This remains in doubt for many, because according to people who knew her, she did it on her own will. As “Deep Throat” director Gerard Damian had claimed: “She never looked as happy as she was in the movie”, thought Linda herself had stressed in talk shows, that every time anyone sees “Deep Throat”, they see how she is being raped. Many still speak, that she liked to be controlled. According to them, she was always happy when there was a person nearby who told her what to do.

Rating 9/10

The movie is impressing because it shows the story of the woman who got back up after everything she has faced. It is the woman who managed to smile even when there was a violent husband waiting for her at home. The actors convey the emotions perfectly and the movie itself, it seems, shows and tells a lot, though it still raises the question what was Linda Lovelace really like and if everything that was in the movie was real.

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