© Spencer Tunick

It is quite common to depict and perceive naked body as an expression of erotica and sexuality in nowadays photography. Spencer Tunick, however, takes photographs of a mass of naked people in public places for more than 20 years now and proves that naked bodies can not only be eroticized but become a part of the world of art.

There are no sexual messages in author’s works. He uses naked bodies just as painter uses paint or as a sculptor uses marble.

Spencer Tunick photographed over 75 nude installations where each photo is carefully planned to have its own idea and thought. People’s bodies in author’s works are playing a supporting role to create complex images, forms, or even landscapes. Author arranges volunteers who are willing to participate in his unique installations according to body proportions and colour which can be like a colour palette starting with baby pink and ending with the charcoal black, says Spencer. The artist carefully selects and places incredible images of the hundreds of people’s bodies and this way is able to make one big body of art.

He reveals a different attitude towards human body than we are used to see these days. Naked human body in his works is represented as a natural phenomenon which is not influenced by social rules – they are not perfected by new technologies. It does not matter whether you are young or old, slim or full-figured because every body has its own place in Tunick’s photographs. We are all different, unique and equal parts of this world.










© Spencer Tunick

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