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What is mysterious and scary often strangely attracts. If you are secretly interested in stories which cause shiver and are drenched with blood – “Divine evil” is just for you. It is not horror or fantasy story in which author seeks to intimidate you so that you can’t fall asleep. It is the story about people who are spiritually weak but seek to act like the almighty gods using horrible and cruel means. Satanism is the main axis of this novel.


“In to the circle stepped two women with red coats. Their faces didn’t hide the hoods and those faces were pale white with brightly stained lips. Such as like vampires, who have already feasted. One was following the accurate instructions that was pre-given and threw off the cloak, stood up naked in front of dozen black candles light, later she lied down on the polished wooden platform.”

First sentences of the novel grip your attention and make you feel excited: what will be next? What is happening? Who are those people? What are they doing? When you are diving deeper to the story water, you can’t come out so easily. It is one of those stories which you just “eat” overnight. Reader just doesn’t put down the novel and waits further for more details and people’s names who live in the small and quiet Emitsbor town where everybody knows each other all their lives and, however, make horrific rituals. More specifically – Satanists’ ceremonies during which not only the animals are sacrificed but also humans. In which people lose their human senses and become animals craving for the brutal passions, power, blood and pain.


The main character is the young artist Klerr who leaves NY and comes to her hometown Emitsbor to find the answers. Constantly tortured by nightmares young woman feels that answers to the questions that don’t abandon her about her father’s death hide exactly in that little town where she grew up in loving family surrounded by the most pleasant neighbors.

Klerr constantly dreams the same nightmare in which thirteen figures with black capes stand in the middle of the circle, two women with red coats and same redness lips, owls in the night… Little Klerr watches how some kind of ceremonial begins and her little body shivers. What frightens the most is that she sees her loving daddy there, good hearted and clever man soaking hands in the blood… And after many years this girl will find out that she was not the only one to have seen that horrible ritual.

“But someone run away. Someone was sticking like a beast with a glint and little insane eyes. Someone watched and waited with a severely beating heart and with damned sweat streaming body. Someone with tear-stained face and vibrating body rocking back and forth, dirty imitating sex. Because it feels good, so good be the Master acts witness.“

All her life chased by those creepy images Klerr decides finally to bravely face her fears in the eye and accept that the most loved man – dad – dared to leave her. The novel rotates around many action scenes, portrays many characters, their experiences and life turns. Also – the main character’s love story, how could it be without it? In the last pages of the novel names and motives, most important story details are disclosed and, you can say, a happy ending. At least for now… Why do I say so? You are going to find out by yourself


Nora Roberts – American writer, novelist. She started to write in the note book one of her stories in 1979 and in 1981 the first Nora’s book – “Irish Thoroughbred” was released. She is a member of several writers’ associations and has won numerous awards.

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