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John Michael Osbourne (more commonly known as Ozzy Osbourne) is a rock musician. His career began in 1978 as a lead singer in of Black Sabbath band. It is believed that this band and Ozzy are the pioneers of the heavy metal.

Despite the low investment of Warner Bros and Records companies, the group’s musical career was very successful. Perhaps a part of the success was created by Tony Lomma guitar riffs and texts written by Geezer Butler. Unfortunately, Ozzy Ousborne’s musical journey was not very long with this group. When Ozzie got involved with alcohol and drugs he was removed from Black Sabbath. The group had sold over 70 million albums until it broke up with Ozzy.

Soon Ozzy began a solo career. In the late 1970s, a group Necromandus rehearsed with Ozzy Osbourne and became his first solo project Blizzard of Ozz and it was formed by a new manager and future wife, Sharon Arden. The drummer Lee Kerslake, bassist / writer Bob Daisley, keyboardist Don Airey, and guitarist Randy Rhoads were other members of the band. The record company finally offered the release an album. With the first solo efforts Osbourne received huge success and debut collection was purchased by many heavy metal fans. The second album, Diary of a Madman, had more Bob Daisley lyrics and more Randy Rhoads guitar sound. He became the 85th the best guitarist of all time in the Rolling Stone magazine in 2003.

1986 Osbourne was accused of encouraging listeners to commit suicide through supposedly subliminal messages in the song Suicide Solution. Soon enough Osbourne publicly acknowledged that he wrote this song about his friend who died from alcohol abuse.

In 1991, Ozzy began recording a new album No More Tears, which became very popular on the radio and MTV. In 2004, Osbourne received the NME Award for divine genius.

The leader of Black Sabbath was mocked throughout his entire career – mainly because of the rumors, describing him as a psychopath and satanist. However, despite his bizarre reputation no one can deny that Osbourne had an immeasurable effect on heavy metal.

Osbourne got even more popuar after his reality show The Osbournes aired on MTV. This release became one of the MTV’s biggest hits. However, his reputation was again undermined by the fact that he was accused of cruel behaviour with animals. Osbourne later admitted that in the drug zest, he shot down his family’s pets. The singer says, “I had ​​used so many drugs that I was just ruined. Last straw was when I shot all of our cats. We had about seventeen of them; I became just crazy, and shot all of them. My wife found me lying on the piano, dressed in a white costume, with a gun in one hand and a knife in the other. “

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