TOP 10 films on the Kremlin’s banned list

Posted: Planet News Date: 2015-04-18 03:45

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Moscow’s decision to ban the film Child 44 for its supposedly anti-Russian treatment of World War II is only one of the decisions the Russian authorities have made to restrict the right of Russians to view what they want. But these prohibitions are going to blow up in Moscow’s face: bans are often the best advertisement a film or anything else can get. featured a list of ten of the most interesting films, including “Number 44,” that the Putin regime has banned from being shown in Russian theaters in recent years but that many Russians have seen or will view anyway via DVD or online. According to the portal, the “top 10” are:

In presenting this list – and it is only a sample of the kind of material the Kremlin doesn’t want Russians to view – Rufabula notes that “Hollywood whose production is difficult to ignore in recent years practically hasn’t made a ‘Russophobic’ film.” Instead, radical Islamists have taken first place in that regard.

But, the editors of the portal say, it seems unlikely that Hollywood will ignore the possibilities being banned in Moscow open. After all, when the North Koreans became angry about the movie “The Interview,” that film went on to earn millions. How much more a Kremlin ban could make any new auteurs can only be guessed at.


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