Verena Wermuth “Forbidden wife” – exotic love story


Do love stories always have a happy ending? Do beloved eventually reache the autumn of life holding each others hands? Many would answer that mutual love overcomes even the biggest obstacles …

Young European Verena felt the same way when she came to England to study. Here she was not only graduated, but she met the vast love for life. The beggining of the book is as in real fairy-tale:  smart, young woman, handsome, exotic-looking guy and a mutual liking associates both off them. However, things are not so simple …

There are many obstacles in their way, which don.t let them to become happy. The biggest obstacle is that handsome Kalidas is nothing else but one of the seven UAE managing families’ representatives and have the title of sheikh. It seems amazing, rich, powerful, handsome man, everybody’s dream. But money and power do not always bring happiness … Family, loved ones commitments, and the title have more power than feelings. Kalidas is against everything and even secretly has been dating for 10 years with his lover.

Their meetings are held in different countries, different cities. Their romance becomes more mysterious, more intimate, and love is getting stronger over time. Finally, anyone knowing a man marries blue- elected in Egypt. Isn‘t that a happy ending? Unfortunately, no … Not yet … It turns out that the young sheikh was promised to the other bride since childhood. What fate does await his first wife Verena? Will he marry parents‘ elected cousin? Does this love story have a happy ending as in fairy tales?

The book is based on real events. It was written by the heroine Verena Wermuth. “My husband had tirelessly supported and encouraged me. For many years he had patiently talked to me about what I were writing, and strongly believed the meaningfulness of this book. I feel grateful to him more than I could express in words“ –the author of a book begins such the gratitude. The work is usually thought to be easy, the plot engaging. The most beautiful places are vividly described such as Dubai, Egypt. The book is not only interested, but also conveys the true oriental flavor of love …


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